Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder is generally characterized by a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of feelings and behaviors that create long-term difficulties throughout day-to-day life and in personal relationships.


Common Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Feelings of isolation, boredom, or emptiness
  • A history of unstable relationships that can abruptly shift from intense feelings of love to extreme hate
  • Difficulty feeling empathy
  • Intense feelings of anxiety, worry, and depression
  • Having a distorted sense of self or unstable or dysfunctional self-image
  • A persistent fear of rejection or abandonment, including extreme emotional reactions to real or perceived abandonment
  • Intense, highly changeable moods that may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days
  • Hostility
  • Instability in career plans, goals, and aspirations
  • Impulsive, risky, self-destructive, dangerous behaviors that may include things like reckless driving and drug or alcohol abuse

Individuals with BPD typically experience many of these symptoms on a daily basis throughout adulthood. For example, an individual may regularly have intense mood swings, exhibit impulsive behaviors, have unhealthy relationships, and struggle with maintaining a stable job.

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