We want you to be excited about taking care of your mental health.


We have chosen a set of core values to guide us on our mission. It will certainly take more than this, but without intentionality, courage, authenticity, and creativity we will never be able to push the bounds of what is possible for ourselves, our team, and our clients.


Every action taken is worth doing on purpose. We know that in order to make the largest impact possible we are required to be thoughtful, aware, and genuine in our actions down to the smallest of details. No decision, no action is too insignificant to be done without intentionality and purpose.


We agree with Aristotle that “courage” may be the greatest of all virtues. We understand that the willingness to take chances, to expose our vulnerabilities takes courage and is essential on a purpose-driven journey. We will choose to embrace the discomfort of the unknown while valiantly charging forward.


If we want to truly be present and connect with our clients, each other, and our communities we know that we need to engage authentically. We believe that we all possess value and the potential to make positive tidal waves and that we owe it to each other and the world to express the core of both who we are and who we are striving to become.


We believe that growth and change is a creative process. We will learn and take inspiration from the past while striving to continuously develop more effective, more inspiring, and more beautiful ways of acting and being.

Why We Do, What We Do, How We Do It

From the beginning, Third Wave has been a resource to help people create and live the lives they want. For the first few years, we have done this by assisting people escape the grips of depression, anxiety, and other forms of emotional and psychological distress. But what we have since come to believe is that people shouldn’t feel like they need a label, or a diagnosis, to start caring for their emotional and psychological health. We’ve also learned that the work doesn’t end with breaking free from emotional and psychological pain. Oftentimes, that is when the real work of building the life you want begins.

We think the time has come for mental health and wellness to make it’s way back into the mainstream. Believe it or not, over 2,000 years ago the Ancient Greeks took mental health very seriously. Back then, the “gymnasium” was not just a place for athletic training and competition but a place for public debate and discourse on philosophy. They knew the importance of both the body and the mind and we believe it is an imperative for humanity to once again honor this truth. There was a time when the desire to seek out answers to the questions, “What is a good life?’ and “How do you go about living a good life?” was not an esoteric, academic exercise, but rather popular thought. That is what we believe mental wellness is about: figuring out how to live a good life

We are dedicated to the larger mission to bring mental wellness into the mainstream, one person and one community at a time. We challenge you to join us.

Bryan Landaas, MSW, LCSW therapist Raleigh NC

Bryan Landaas, LCSW


Bryan Landaas founded Third Wave Psychotherapy in 2015 and served as its fearless leader until his passing from Glioblastoma in June 2022 at the age of 42. He was an inspired clinician and innovative thinker who saw great potential for reinvigorating the field of mental health. Bryan saw a future where going to therapy wasn’t solely to treat serious mental health disorders, but also as a natural practice for overall wellbeing. He was grounded in a philosophy that saw each individual as important, all with their unique path  towards a rich and meaningful life. This stance on life was integrated into the clinical foundation of Third Wave through his enthusiasm for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Bryan envisioned a space where clients and employees alike felt safe, respected, and eager to grow. He inspired everyone around him to pursue evidence based therapy principles while highlighting the importance of fellowship and collaboration.

Bryan built Third Wave upon the core values of Intentionality, Courage, Creativity, and Authenticity all who knew Bryan were able to see him express these qualities each day. Bryan’s intentionality remains as you walk through the beautiful office spaces he designed. He believed that how you feel in a space is just as important as what you feel. His courage lives on through his ability to think outside of the box, which allowed him to establish and grow Third Wave when safer alternatives were available. His creativity is clear to all the therapists and clients who benefit from the practice culture and sense of community. And Bryan’s authenticity will forever remain in all the lives he touched as well as the ongoing commitment of Third Wave to carry on his vision.

Today's the day to make a change.