Counseling for Relationship Issues

What are Relationship Issues?

Relationships are at the core of what it means to be human. They are a source of support as well as the vehicle through which we create meaning in our lives. Put simply, relationships are powerful.

Unfortunately, when we find ourselves in an unhealthy, stressful, or dysfunctional relationship this can easily become the source of our greatest emotional and psychological pain. Negative relationship dynamics have the tendency to create self-reinforcing feedback loops that erode the sense of safety, support, and connection we all desire. Not only does being in an unhealthy relationship add pain to our lives, but we also miss out on the many benefits of being in a safe, loving relationship.

Relationships can be improved on an individual basis, but meeting together as a couple or group (e.g., family) tends to be most effective. Our therapists and counselors are experienced and trained in helping you determine which course of action would be most effective based on your specific situation.

Physical Abuse & Domestic Violence

If you are currently experiencing physical abuse and/or domestic violence we strongly encourage you to reach out to InterAct of Wake County for immediate assistance. Relationship counseling or therapy with your partner is not recommended until you are able to establish safety.

Common Relationship Issues

  • communication problems
  • physical intimacy issues
  • feeling emotionally distant or disconnected
  • infidelity
  • financial stress
  • parenting stress
  • difficulties managing relationships with extended family
  • loss of a child
  • caregiver burden
  • mental illness
  • substance abuse & addiction

Learn More About Relationships

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