Emily Baggett, LMFTA


My Approach

The stories of our lives can have a tremendous impact on who we are as people, and how we feel. As a narrative-based therapist, it is my privilege to be invited to witness your story and be part of the change that you are seeking. With specialized training in marriage and family therapy comes a unique understanding of how the relational experiences of our individual histories play out in our day to day interactions. 

With specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) comes an understanding of how the foundations laid early in our lives can impact us as individuals, and play out in our adult relationships. How you grow up, your communities, and society as a whole can impact how each person interacts with and understands the world around them and affect your unique attachment style. I also carefully take into account each individual’s values with a background in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and tailor treatment towards what is most important to you. 

I operate from a neurodivergent affirming and trauma-informed style, and seek to offer a compassionate and understanding atmosphere while inviting you to challenge yourself towards growth. Whether working in the dynamic atmosphere of a couple or meeting an individual in their own uncertainty, I am ready to meet you where you are, find out where you are stuck, and journey together to your goals.

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