Hallie Barnhill, LMFTA

Couples and Family Therapist

My Approach

Do you feel like you’re on the obstacle course of life, with no end in sight, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? I aim to navigate whatever challenges you are facing on your obstacle course, and collaboratively work through them to create the value-driven life you desire. Whether it’s working to build up your tolerance towards your own anxiety, improving your self-esteem, working through past experiences that have left you feeling stuck, or gaining a deeper understanding of your current relational dynamics – I believe change is possible.

With experience as a therapist and a client, I strive to provide my clients with the empathy to foster the collaborative therapeutic relationship needed to make this kind of change possible. I know how hard it is to take the step to reach out for therapy and feel honored to be alongside each of my clients in this journey I like to refer to as a roller coaster ride.

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