Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses the underlying dysfunctional and/or unsustainable interactions within a family. The family is an interconnected multi-generational system with influences and alliances that can lead to unhelpful patterns. 


What is the goal of family therapy?

  • To address unhelpful patterns of interaction for long-lasting change
  • To promote healthy, connected, and peaceful relationships.


What families are eligible for family therapy?

  • All families are eligible for family therapy, but especially those suffering from frequent arguments and fights, substance abuse, boundary issues, and family of origin conflict.


What can we expect and how is it different from individual or couples counseling?

  • Family therapy usually begins with an assessment where the family therapist explores and identifies the structure of the family. This includes experiencing the relational dynamics as they occur in session. In contrast with individual or couples therapy, this assessment may take multiple sessions for the therapist to fully grasp the complicated dynamics of the family. Oftentimes, the family therapist will also meet with different subsystems of the family together at various points in treatment.


Keep in mind that not all family members will be equally committed to family therapy and this is very normal!  All that is required is each member’s willingness to be open to sharing their feelings and opinions as well as a willingness to be present each week.  If you’re interested in creating long-lasting improvements within your family relationships, reach out to schedule an appointment with one of our family therapists.

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