Jordan Bunch, LCSW


My Approach

Deciding to start therapy can be intimidating and often folks don’t know what to expect. As a therapist, I want to make my clients feel comfortable, heard and valued from the initial consultation to the last treatment session. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from adjustment issues to eating disorders, complicated grief to substance use, and I feel that each individual is worthy of the time, space and effort to find healing, peace and balance in their lives. My approach draws from a variety of evidence based practices including DBT, ACT and CBT, with a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. Each client has unique experiences, therefore my goal is to accommodate each individual’s needs. I believe personally and professionally in the power of human resilience and aim to help each client navigate their world with greater ease.

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Is Therapy Just a Crutch?

What’s so bad about crutches? This is what I wonder when I hear people refer to therapy or medication as “just a crutch.” Have you ever heard that reference?  What I think about crutches, I think about support. Broke an ankle? Crutches….

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