Free Classes for Active Third Wave Clients

We are a mental wellness company with a yoga studio.

There are many great yoga studios out there, but not many mental wellness clinics that offer yoga. We’re changing that. Our yoga and mindfulness classes are available exclusively for our psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching clients…..for free.

Yoga at Third Wave is more of a mental workout than a physical workout. No loud music. No sweating (maybe some). Simply learning and practicing “being” with your mind and your body. With an emphasis on cultivating mindfulness and practicing non-reactivity, yoga classes at Third Wave prepare you to more effectively manage stress, deal with difficult emotions, increase focus, and boost productivity.

Register for Yoga Class

Due to limited space we do ask that you register for classes in advance. Signing up is easy. Simply find the date you are interested in, click on the available class time that works for you, and answer a few questions.

NOTE: Yoga and mindfulness classes are available to current therapy, counseling, or coaching clients only.

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