About Third Wave Psychotherapy

Third Wave continues to be a therapist-operated group practice, with a newly opened office in Connecticut to serve the Hartford/Avon community. In addition, we provide Telehealth as an alternate option to in-person appointments.

About Third Wave Psychotherapy Founder
Bryan Landaas

Bryan Landaas founded Third Wave Psychotherapy in 2015. He led the company until June 2022 when he unexpectedly passed from Glioblastoma at the age of 42. Bryan was not only known as an inspired clinician, but also an innovative thinker who saw great potential in the mental health field. He envisioned a future where going to therapy encompassed a natural practice for overall well-being besides offering therapy services.

He saw each person as being important, with their own thoughts and ideas of a rich and meaningful life. These ideas were integrated into the clinical foundation of Third Wave Psychotherapy through his enthusiasm for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He wanted there to be a place where clients and clinicians felt respected and ready to grow. He inspired everyone to not only pursue evidence-based therapy principles but also highlight the importance of teamwork and fellowship.

While ACT remains foundational within Third Wave Psychotherapy, our clinicians embrace a client-centered focus of service. They are encouraged to seek expertise from other models of psychotherapy that are scientifically supported. This helps to provide maximum healing and growth for our patients.

About Third Wave Psychotherapy Connecticut

Tom Parkes joined our team in 2019 after experiencing alternative work environments within the mental health field. He was immediately drawn to our staff’s unique culture of learning and collaboration.

Tom received direct clinical supervision and mentorship from Bryan while growing his own interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Most recently, Tom decided to relocate to his home state of Connecticut to expand his mentor’s vision. We look forward to serving the Hartford/Avon community with Third Wave Psychotherapy’s newest location.

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