Psychotherapy Services in Hartford, CT

At Third Wave Psychotherapy, we strive to help our patients in Connecticut with their struggles so that they can get the healing they desire. Our techniques help our patients feel secure and comfortable so that they can make the lifestyle changes that will most benefit them.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy consists of weekly or biweekly sessions that are tailored specifically for each patient. Each therapist and client will begin their work with a comprehensive assessment to better understand current struggles, history, relationship dynamics, and more. Our therapists will work with their clients to develop a collaborative treatment plan that aligns with each person’s goals and values. 

Treatment is grounded in evidence-based therapy models that are used flexibly and intentionally for each client to help them move towards goals and address barriers. We believe that developing a secure and supportive therapeutic relationship is an essential part of effective psychotherapy.

The goal of psychotherapy is to increase a person’s understanding of their thought and behavior patterns so that it increases their ability to carry about daily activities and improve their well-being. During therapy sessions, people learn how to effectively manage stress, relationships, and any difficulties they may be having. Throughout their care, they develop the ability to make healthy decisions, set realistic goals, and become more self-aware. This is a journey that is tailored to each individual.

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Adolescent Therapy
(Ages 14+)

At Third Wave Psychotherapy, we also offer child and adolescent therapy in Connecticut. Adolescence is a crucial time of development for children and many experience extreme emotions that can be difficult to deal with on their own. Our licensed therapists and counselors are here to help promote self-acceptance and give children the tools they need to navigate the challenges they are facing. 

Psychotherapy is one way to help teens learn to find healthy coping mechanisms. For psychotherapy to be a success, children need to feel comfortable with their therapist as well as feel as though they are safe and understood. When this type of environment is established, children can express their thoughts and feelings, and therapists can help them deal with any issues they may be having.

At Third Wave Psychotherapy, we help children and adolescents receive the emotional support they need, resolve conflicts, as well as understand their feelings and problems. The length of their psychotherapy sessions will depend on the complexity and severity of the problems they are experiencing.

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Are You Looking for Psychotherapy Services in Connecticut?

If you are looking for psychotherapy services in Connecticut, Third Wave Psychotherapy is here to help. Our experienced team of professionals is here to help you or your child work through various issues and emotions. 

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