Tom Parkes, LCSW


My Approach

It is common for difficult experiences, relationship issues, or life transitions to leave you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. I believe that therapy is a way to reconnect with your inner wisdom in order to heal and live a more meaningful life. As your therapist, I offer you my full presence and acceptance as we become collaborators on your path. I have a holistic approach, taking into consideration how the mind, body, and spirit all play a role in your well-being. Together we can understand how past experiences keep you stuck in unhelpful patterns and discover how to use new challenges as an opportunity for growth. As we progress, you will learn how to have a new relationship to thoughts and feelings, connect to the present moment, and make decisions aligned with your values.

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  • Education

    Master of Social Work, University of Connecticut
    Bachelor of Arts, University of Connecticut

  • Experience

    I began my career working at a community support center where I provided clinical case management and group therapy for individuals dealing with a wide range of issues. Throughout this time, I received in depth training in Motivational Interviewing which has laid the foundation for my empathetic and collaborative approach with clients. My direct practice work expanded while interned within an outpatient therapy clinic throughout graduate school. Here I was able to serve as a clinician for a diverse set of individuals and families. I have also worked on a more macro level as a Trauma Consultant and Trainer for Advanced Trauma Solutions. This position allowed me to train and consult mental health professionals across the country in the treatment of trauma related disorders through the evidence-based treatment, TARGET. In this role I was able to have unique experiences like developing culturally informed trauma interventions for the Hoopa Valley Native American community in Northern California. My passion for helping those who have been impacted by trauma has been further developed through my training in Trauma-Focused Yoga and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • Insurances

    Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)  – excluding Blue Value and Blue Local

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