Mandie Tracy, LCSW


My Approach

I am a person-centered and relational therapist who believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship in walking alongside you to your path of healing. I believe that you are the best expert on you and my goal is to work together on uncovering your strengths and assist you in working towards the goals and life you desire. I strive to create a space where you feel supported and accepted, where you feel safe to be vulnerable, real and open. I am committed to provide you with a compassionate, trusting and understanding therapeutic space. 

I specialize in eating disorders, body image issues, and trauma and practice from a Health at Every Size (HAES) lens. I am firm in belief that all bodies deserve to be respected and celebrated and am committed to helping you improve your relationship with your body and connect with the innate wisdom your body holds. In addition, I have experience working with depression, anxiety and self-injury. As part of our work, we will work together to identify and implement interventions (as appropriate) specific to your therapeutic goals and work together on developing skills to utilize outside of weekly sessions. If you struggle with disordered eating, I believe eating disorder symptom use is the “tip of the iceberg” and am committed to working with you on developing insight into functions the behaviors serve. 

For families of young adults with eating disorders, I have extensive experience in FBT (family based therapy) and am committed to working with and empowering you in helping your family member heal. I also enjoy working individually with family members of loved ones with eating disorders and believe in the power of allowing yourself space to experience emotions, engage in therapeutic self care while helping you “put the oxygen mask on yourself first.” 

  • Treatment Specialties

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  • Education

    Master of Social Work, Louisiana State University
    Bachelor of Social
    Work, Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Experience

    I have been involved in research, practice and advocacy for mental health, with specialization and focus in eating disorders since 2010. For the past three years, I have worked as an individual, family and group therapist on the IOP, PHP and Inpatient levels of care at a specialty eating disorder hospital system, Veritas Collaborative. I have also completed post graduate training in Application of Neuroscience for Eating Disorders to Clinical Practice: providing clients and families with psychoeducation and brain based interventions. Prior to work at Veritas, I completed three years of clinical internships and practicums at local hospitals and private high schools in the Baton Rouge/ Greater New Orleans areas with various populations, with specialization in eating disorders. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I was involved in extensive research in applying FBT interventions in treating young adults with eating disorders. In addition, I researched body image issues in college students with focus on application of ACT interventions to decrease symptoms (chronic dieting, over- exercise, isolation from peers, body checking) associated with negative body image. I am committed to advocacy and have spent the last ten years dedicating my time outside of academics and professional life to providing education and support for those affected by eating disorders

  • Insurance

    Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)  – excluding Blue Value and Blue Local

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