Cassie Phillips, LCMHC, LCASA, ATRP


My Approach

My style as a therapist is collaborative and flexible, being both clinically-informed and experiential as I received a dual-degree in clinical mental health counseling and art therapy.  I came into the helping field as an artist; mental health was never a topic of discussion when I was growing up and I learned to manage my emotions through painting. As a result, I aim to provide a space in which people can feel comfortable, safe, and vulnerable while we explore the issues that serve as barriers to a life they want to be living. While I am not exclusively an art therapist, I believe utilizing the creative process can be an effective means of communication. It can also serve as a safe outlet, coping mechanism, and has the power to aid in the improvement of self esteem, self-efficacy, and treatment outcomes. My therapeutic approach is one that aligns with modalities rooted in behavioral science; I am interested in understanding the function of certain behaviors in specific contexts in order to make the necessary changes needed to achieve wellness. 

Today's the day to make a change.