Social Distancing and Your Relationship

| Ashley Davis LMFT

Social distancing creates interesting dilemmas for maintaining healthy relationships.  During this unprecedented time it is important to remain open with your partner as you navigate boundaries around social distancing.  Below are some tips to keep your relationship strong both now and beyond social distancing restrictions.  

  • If you live with your partner make sure to set up specific times each week to engage in separate activities for your own self care.  Make sure the activities you choose are something that you would prefer to do without your partner and you are able to engage in these activities in a separate space from your partner.
  • If you do not live with your partner make sure to set up specific times during the week for virtual engagement.  There are several ways to engage virtually with your partner such as video games, virtual board games, shared movies, etc.  
  • Create at home date nights together once a week.  One easy way to do at home date nights is through a date night box.  These are easily accessible to order from online vendors such as Cratejoy and often have various fun themes.  Date night boxes typically have options for both in person and distance couples as well.
  • Consider keeping a couple’s journal and reviewing this journal with your partner as part of your nightly routine.  This can keep you connected and can give you more to talk about than just the current stressors associated with social distancing.
  • Hold one another accountable for completion of personal goals.  Many people are taking this time to complete household projects or to spend more time outdoors.  Share your goals with your partner and check in each week with one another on progress on personal goals to assist with supporting one another.
  • As always, keep lines of communication open on your thoughts and feelings and be willing to listen to your partner’s needs as well.  This will ensure that you remain emotionally connected even through stressful situations.

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