Is Therapy Just a Crutch?

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What’s so bad about crutches?

This is what I wonder when I hear people refer to therapy or medication as “just a crutch.” Have you ever heard that reference? 

What I think about crutches, I think about support.

Broke an ankle? Crutches.

Sprained your foot? Crutches.

Twisted your knee? Crutches.

Crutches help us walk when we can’t on our own. They are there to bolster us, keep us upright, provide balance, to help us keep going even when it hurts. Therapy does the same thing, in my view. While you do the work to heal from a mental health issue, stress, transition, grief or other life event, therapy is there to provide intentional space and time to find tools and strategies for getting through it. Yes, a clinician is there to help you, but the truth is, you’re doing the heavy lifting. We can guide you, provide support and encourage healthy balance while you bear down and move forward. You do the work, but you don’t go it alone. 

I encourage you to think about this when you hear someone call mental healthcare services a crutch. No one needs to walk alone while they’re hurting.

It’s okay to need support, and don’t worry, you’ll be able to walk on your own again soon…crutches are temporary. 

Today's the day to make a change.