Intern Clinicians

Third Wave Psychotherapy, PLLC is a teaching facility.  We often have Masters level intern clinicians being directly supervised by our highly experienced staff.  Our intern clinicians offer reduced rate therapy services at our various sites.  Below you can find more information about our current intern clinicians.

Arden Norwood


My name is Arden Norwood and I am an Afro-Latina Clinical Mental Health Intern at Third Wave Psychotherapy. 

I believe that life can bring challenges that are sometimes really hard to face. Sometimes we are able to confront these trials alone and other times we are in need of a community. To me, that is exactly what counseling is. A form of community where you can consistently rely on someone to help support you through life’s difficult trials. Together we will figure out what process will work best for you in your journey of healing and growth. 

I have a special interest in working with children and teens who struggle with depression, anxiety, identity development, racial identity development, queer issues, and other dilemmas that may come forth. I also enjoy working with women who are trying to navigate adulthood, identity development, self-esteem, and confidence building. I strive to use a person-centered approach while also framing my work on Evidence-Based Therapeutic Techniques. I like to center our sessions around you and your personal needs and will use approaches that are tailored to your specific identities and mental health struggles. 

Together we will build a safe space where you can strive for a healthy healed mind.


Amy Nussman


I want therapy to provide a safe space where individuals feel that they can be vulnerable and
authentic and receive support and authenticity in return. The difficulties that we face in life allow
us opportunities to learn more about ourselves and our strengths, while also opening up our
perspective. I value a holistic approach, realizing that our minds and bodies are connected and
that nurturing one can positively impact the other, and believe that therapy should be an
environment that fosters self-awareness and empowerment and encourages growth. I realize
that every individual is the expert of their own life, and my goal is to be a support as you
navigate through the obstacles of life.

Minnie Vickers


Like many people I am drawn to the field of psychotherapy because of my desire to be of service to others. I have found joy serving others through student mentoring activities as well as my former Human Resources role, yet there were some employees who needed help that I was not equipped to provide. The desire to be of service to them started me on this journey to my second career of providing assistance and support through psychotherapy.


While most people are doing the best they can in their current situation, I believe that many of us want and can achieve a more meaningful, healthy, and satisfying life. My goal is to help you find the path to the life you desire. Don’t give up on yourself. It would be my privilege to walk the path with you.

Today's the day to make a change.