Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

A safe, judgment-free space to share your successes and challenges in eating disorder recovery
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Group Details

  • Group Format

    • This group will meet once a week for 1 hour (Tuesdays  at 11am)
    • The group is intended for adults 18 years of age and older, individuals under 18 years of age may be considered on a case by case basis.
    • The group may have up to 10 participants.
    • This group will be conducted as a clinician led support group, and will provide psychoeducation, resources, and group processing of shared concerns.


  • Group Rules


    1. You must use a secure (non-public) internet connection to participate in group.
    2. Recordings (video, audio, or screen shots) of the telehealth group meeting by members is strictly prohibited. It is your responsibility to disable computer and device-generated recording. You may be subject to legal action if you create or share any recordings of group meetings. Should the facilitator need to record the session for supervision purposes, that facilitator will first obtain the written consent of all participants.
    3. In order to maintain the group’s privacy, it is important to connect from a quiet and private room with no interruptions or distractions from people or other devices. It is imperative that no persons other than yourself are in hearing or visual proximity to you during the meeting. 
    4. Should someone enter your room, alert your group, immediately cover your screen or turn off your camera and reduce volume to 0. If the disruption is not brief, you may need to exit the group until you are alone again. If you are unable to return to group before the end, please send a message to your group facilitator(s) to inform them of the reason you were not able to return to group.
    5. Although guarantees cannot be provided by the group facilitator(s), group members must agree to maintain the confidentiality of other group members. This means that you may not disclose names or other identifying information about group members, nor may you discuss the personal issues and experiences of other members. This includes but is not limited to written posts and pictures on social media forums. Discussing your own experience of being in the group with non-members is acceptable.
    6. It is important that group members arrive on time for the group meeting to minimize disruptions.
    7. This group is HAES aligned. That means we do not use numbers in group discussions. It is your responsibility to refrain from using numbers related to weight, calories, clothing sizes, and length of time in recovery.
    8. Please utilize your mute button responsibly. This group is a non-muted group. Please leave yourself unmuted, unless you are experiencing loud background noise. 
    9. Technical issues may disrupt or interfere with the group session. If a group session is disrupted due to technical issues your facilitator will work to resolve the issue as promptly as possible.
    10. For group telehealth in particular, people may have increased difficulty reading non-verbal cues from one another and knowing when to speak in order to avoid interrupting others. An additional risk is trusting that fellow group members are in a secure, private space. By joining this group, you are guaranteeing that you are in a secure, private space. Facilitators reserve the right to dismiss group members who violate this policy. Additionally, information about group members should not be discussed, even with other group members, outside of the session. This includes the use of social media platforms. 
  • Fees & Payment

    There is no fee for this group. Registration for each group session is required and space is limited.

  • Location

    This group meets online only. Click on the button below to see available group times and to reserve your spot (Group Resumes 9/20/22).

  • Schedule

    The group meets every Tuesday from 11:00am-11:50am.


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