Becoming Enough

Releasing your shame and living the life you want. 

  • Throughout this course, you can expect to…

    • Care for the parts of yourself that feel most hopeless,  uncomfortable, embarrassing, or challenging 
    • Find the resilience and ability to navigate stressful life events 
    • Notice the thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in perfectionism 
    • Feel safe and confident to practice freedom from food rules 
    • Change your relationship to painful or critical self-thoughts 
    • Find freedom from questioning, “am I enough?” 
    • Build meaningful connections in being there for others without losing ourselves
    • Learn to relate to your whole self and access your inner strength 
  • Is this group right for you?

    • Do you often feel stuck trying to “white knuckle” or force yourself through recovery? 
    • Do you want to relate to your emotions differently than you currently do? 
    • Are you stuck in a loop where you compare yourself to others and feel like you can’t get out of it?
    • Do you feel guilty setting boundaries or afraid of authentically expressing yourself to others?
    • Do you often believe that you may not be enough for recovery? 
    • Have you been in or are you currently in individual therapy and you’d like to get some additional support with healing your relationship to your eating disorder?
    • Do you find yourself worried about opening up or becoming authentic and genuine in friendships?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, this group might be right for you!

  • Group Format

    • The group is intended for people 18 years of age and older, and the group may have up to  participants total.
    • Once the group commences, membership will be closed. Group facilitator may allow additional group members to join during the 2nd week on a discretionary basis.
    • All participants must have an up-to-date clinical assessment (conducted within the past 12 months).


  • Payment

    $65 /session, due at the beginning of each group

    $400 discounted rate for full payment up front

  • Location

    This group will meet virtually using Zoom

  • Schedule

    The group meets on Wednesdays from 11:30 – 1:00pm for eight (8) weeks

Today's the day to make a change.